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Brief extracts from translations:

Italian Legislation
Italian privacy Act - Legislative Decree No 196/03
Consent for the processing of personal details (2010).
Original text and translation

The Italian Ministry for Education, Universities and Research
Italian Presidency of the European Union (2003).
Orientations and priorities in the research sector.
Original text and translation

Technical - aeronautics
'History and Evolution of the Glider' (Vol.III) by Giorgio Zanrosso.
Published by Il Cardo, Venice (1998).
Original text and translation

Relational Competence and Eating Disorders(2007)
Journal: 'Eating and Weight Disorders' 2007 Jun;12 (2): 101-7
- clinical psychology/meta-analysis;
Abstract (external link)

'The Rehabilitation of Raptors - Experiences with Searchers and Attackers'.
A dissertation on the rehabilitation of birds of prey written by Alberto Fagan,
Italian biologist and consultant for the World Wildlife Fund (1996).
Original text and translation

'L'Oro a Vicenza' - A brief history of the goldsmiths' trade in the city and province of Vicenza.
Text by the Italian novelist Virgilio Scapin.
Published by OroBase International (1994).
Original text and translation

History of art
'The portrait of Vincenzo Scamozzi'
Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio (2003).
Original text and translation

'Vicenza Interiors'. An illustrated work with texts by the art historian Franco Barbieri, containing descriptions of 16th and 17th century palatial homes in Vicenza.
Published by F&T Books, Vicenza (1991).
Original text and translation

The City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas in the Veneto - Guide to the UNESCO site (2010)
An editorial project of the UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Vicenza
Original text and translation (external link)

'Candia Veneziana - Venetian Itineraries through Crete'.
A Guide to the historical remains of the Venetian Dominion.
Published by Mystis Editions, Heraklion (2005).
Original text and translation

'Magic Tour' - A brochure for tourists visiting the city and province of Vicenza. Texts by Cristina Salviati.
Published by the Azienda per la Promozione del Turismo di Vicenza (1994).
Original text and English version