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Computer-Assisted Translation

Translation-memory (TM) software
SDL Trados Studio 2014
Translation Memory software is a commonly-used resource that ensures consistency within documents and across various projects. Particularly in the case of technical documentation this technology enhances quality and efficiency as previously translated texts can be added to the memory for use in future work.

Terminology management
Ink International BV - TextTools "LookUp" V.1.11 1988
One of the earliest DOS-based terminology management systems providing "online" access to technical terms and personal notes accumulated over time during the translation process.

The TextTools product information sheet published on 4th August 1987 stated that "studies have shown that up to 40% of the time involved in the production of a technical translation is spent researching terminology. In the past, terminology management was a tedious task usually performed manually and technical translations were often recorded on filing cards or in text files. TextTools increases productivity by giving the translator instant access to specialized dictionaries containing his own or others' glossaries. New terminology can be recorded as it is used and the solutions adopted in previous translations can be referred to."