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I occasionally work as a consecutive interpreter at conferences, seminars, business meetings and also during diplomatic events. A partial list of the services I have offered in the past is provided below.

1999 (Padua) - I assisted two university tutors during training sessions for psychologists attending a seminar on the 'Adult Attachment Interview' held at the University of Padua.

2006 (Grosseto, Tuscany) - I assisted British researchers and psychiatrists at a series of seminars and workshops on the use of Cognitive-Behavioural techniques for various psychiatric disorders organised by an Italian school of psychotherapy.

2008 (Slovakia) - I translated various technical documents and acted as an official interpreter at the Bratislava Exhibition Centre ('Incheba Expo') for an Italian manufacturer of high-pressure and gravity die-casting equipment.

2008 (Verona) - I intervened as a consecutive interpreter at a seminar on Eating Disorders held by an American psychiatrist and researcher.

2009 (Vicenza) - I provided assistance during a series of meetings focusing on a proposed twinning procedure, facilitating presentations and political discussions between the mayors and representatives of the city councils of Vicenza (Italy) and Cleveland (USA).