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Professional profile


Areas of Specialisation

Computer-assisted translation (CAT)


Interpreting (IT<>EN)

Voice-over service




Professional Profile

Areas of Specialisation

Main areas

Government and public administration, EU documentation

Other fields

  • Architecture
  • History of art, critiques of the works of painters and sculptors

  • Banking: forms and contracts
  • Financial documentation
  • Business documents and contracts
  • Quality Assessment and Certification

  • Legal documents (attorneys' memoranda, writs of summons, court sentences, laws ...)
  • Notarial deeds, companies' memoranda and articles of association
  • Certified translations

  • Education
  • Philosophy and religion
  • Sociology, anthropology, social sciences, human rights
  • Politics and political science
  • Psychology (clinical/general, psychometrics)

    As a qualified psychologist I occasionally translate or revise the English versions of scientific articles and dissertations written by Italian researchers who specialize in various forms of psychological treatment.

  • Environment
  • Technical:

    - electric pumps
    - electric motors
    - RFID (radio-frequency) library sensors - transformers
    - resin-casting plants
    - vacuum casting equipment
    - die-casting
    - ovens (bakery equipment)
    - laser equipment (medical uses)
    - leather
    - building sector
    - welding equipment
    - welding process
    - heating systems
    - construction materials
    - aeronautical (gliders)
    - railway signalling technology
    - HACCP plans

  • Tourism (travel guides, brochures)
  • Journalism
  • Literary texts
  • Marketing / 'Transcreation' (translation + adaptation of texts)

    For many years I collaborated with the Pentastudio Marketing Agency (Vicenza) as a translator, proofreader and consultant for marketing materials and advertising in English. Most of the texts I translated for this firm were used in publications prepared for Eutelsat (the European Intergovernmental Organisation for satellite communications) and the Vicenza Trade Fair Board.

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